How to apply for research ethics approval

Applying for ethics approval has been made easy. A prospective client should register for an account. Upon registration, a mail is sent to your email address provided for verification of the email account following which you will be able to log in and submit your application.

The application process is linearized and easy to understand. At submission you can select a national ethics committee request, a regional, a state or an institution. You should apply to the level that suits your application.


Average protocol cycle (days)


№ of Applications sent through REAPS

Download Institution Research Template

This documents contains the template of research for Ajayi Crowther University. Download the document to view and follow the proceedures to create your Research document.

Name (DEPT) Template
GEOLOGY GEOLOGY_research_template_7hm7k.pdf
Testing template Testing template_research_template_ey704.docx

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